Permaculture Villages is a new way of fast-tracking communities and building developments that use a sustainable approach to building turn-key off-grid properties.

Our focus is to deliver low-cost self-sufficient homes built within an intentional community that will create a new way of living that supports a sustainable future.

Going off-grid and building all the infrastructure and systems can be complex and time-consuming.

After a decade of working with and designing off-grid properties, we have been involved in many projects we have seen that have done well and others that haven’t succeeded.

We have taken this experience and knowledge firsthand from our team of consultants and experts. We have created a system to deliver turnkey Off-Grid proprieties within a community structure to help you move into your off-grid property and accelerate your dream to live the off-grid lifestyle.

We also have opportunities for you to be an investor in one of these projects and get them off the ground. We are also looking for new proprieties to develop all the time.

Register below if you have a project you think would fit the build.